Our Work

We aim to contribute to the establishment of a society that believes in human rights, with all its members enjoying the same rights and duties, based on empowering citizens economically and socially, in light of a comprehensive application of social justice for all Yemenis, females and males, regardless of their religious and ethnic differences.


Workplace & Industry Training

We trained and prepared over 5400 people for work through the specialized development sector of the Organization (Move for Work for Rehabilitation, Training and Consulting – Yemen Branch). This was an initiative focusing on enabling our youth to gain financial independence and become self reliant. This project was supported and funded by the UN Women.


Microfinancing small buisnesses

Our first micro financing project, "A step towards hope", started in 2021. It is focused on supporting the community by enabling Yemen's women and youth to start their own small businesses and generate their own income. The process starts by consultation, followed by training, thereafter we help supply the necessary items and startup fund for the success of the business. We have proudly helped over 150 people in this project stand on their feet and care for themselves and their families.


Connecting the water supply

The project started in 2019 and focuses on the rehabilitation of wells, construction of water barriers, and construction of drinking water tanks to make water more accessible to everyone. We successfully connected 10,000 people in Sana'a (Aljahshi village) and Sanhan (Bait Hader village) to sources of fresh and clean water. This project was funded by the FAO (The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). 


Raising Covid Awareness

Awareness of IDPs (internally displaced people) about the dangers of the Covid virus and how to prevent it. This initiative was conducted in 2019-2020 and targeted IDP camps in Lahj governorate.