We Are
The Voice Yemen's Youth

Who Are We

Sam org (frad) is an organization that started its work as a youth initiative in the humanitarian and human rights aspects since the beginning of 2014 and was officially established on 13/9/2014 and received the official permit in 9/2/2015.


Our organization focuses on protecting human rights, women's rights, and youth empowerment. We work to build a society free from gender discrimination by pursuing social justice. We strive to guarantee equal citizenship for all, through attention to education, training, and micro financing.  Thereby actively spreading the spirit of tolerance and peace in the community away from extremist ideas.


With the knowledge that we have many of the works in the human rights and development field, as specialized sectors in accordance with international standards, and through the specialized development sector of the Organization (Move for Work for Rehabilitation, Training and Consulting – Yemen Branch)

Sam was the Coordinator of the organizations of Capital Sana’a in the Republic of Yemen for the year of 2016, and is a member of the AHCT of OCHA in Yemen.

We are the vocal Point for gender in the block of the early recovery in (UNDP).

The Hard Truth


Of Yemen's youth have dropped out of education


Of Yemen's women, youth, and children are directly affected by the war.


Yemenis have received our help in various areas including: initiating advocacy campaigns, funding microfinancing projects, facoilitating workplace and industry training, connecting the water supply, and raising Covid-19 awareness.

Meet The Team

Maram Shihab
Head of Public Relations and Lead Project Coordinator
Jamal Albana'a
Human Recources Officer
Layla Lutf Althawer
Founder And President
Ali Mohammed
Social Media Officer
Nabila Althawer
Executive Director
Hisham Alkamesi
Financial Affairs officer